Blog development  for local expert in business transactions law.

Blog development for local expert in business transactions law.

Andy Moore, Entreprenuer, Law Firm Website


Project Description:

Situation: “To be, or not to be...”

Verily, that is the question. When he came to us, Andy wasn’t sure whether he wanted to get a job or start a business, and only a vague notion of how he might go about achieving either one. Furthermore, he wasn’t sure what practice areas to specialize in or how he should go about determining his niche in this highly competitive field.

Strategy: A very cozy corner indeed

First, I worked with Andy to crystalize his brand around a field of practice known as “business transactions” law. From there we drew up plans for a (results-accountable) professional blog that would transcend the usefulness of a classic, brochure style website by building in client-getting direct response mechanisms.


Deliverables: More than a website

The final product might appear to be just a glorified blog, but it is in fact a unified web presence that takes full advantage of the emerging “Content Marketing Paradigm” to source and filter leads. The key to this approach is the blog format invites further participation from the prospect in ever increasing levels of engagement, starting with a simple Google query about buying or selling a business. I helped Andy choose the topics to write about and formulate subject matter for his upcoming speaking engagements and paid webinars. 

Results: The confidence to move forward

Andy’s initial consultation with me cemented his resolve to do what he’s been wanting to do for a long time: start a law firm. The blog will be an important piece, but it is still in it’s early stages and we are still awaiting the results of his campaign.



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