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The Next Digital Frontiers Are Waiting to Be Explored.

Cross the digital divide and come explore the endless frontiers of the modern era.


Strategic Foresight

These are some of my random observations from the intersection of art and technology, business and life.



Connect With Your Tribe.

Plug in, link up and get connected to the tribes that move you. Events both local and online boast experts in subjects ranging from art to business, to cryptography and everything in between.


Annual Report

Dedicated to a Thriving, Greater Sacramento.

West, in partnership with local business and government leaders, would like your input on an important initiative we are undertaking: the development of a Digital Talent Strategy for Sacramento.

Find out more about the Digital Talent Index 2020.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.


Watch us build businesses and talk to young professionals doing cool things, like building the next generation of products, platforms, businesses and social solutions.



Tiny Brands. Global Reach.

West is available for select consulting assignments with businesses who have big designs on the marketplace but may be lacking the resources to start, implement or pursue them in a meaningful way. We may be able to provide that x-factor you’ve been waiting for. Find out more about engaging us for consulting assignments here.

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