Our Vision

The Next Digital Frontiers Are Waiting to Be Explored.


We are on the cusp of a socio-political-economic renaissance enabled by technology.

1. Hyperlocalism

As a counterwave to radical centralization and runaway globalization, we value building strong, thriving and resilient communities by keeping 80% of every dollar circulating within communities. Local resilience translates to national robustness and adaptability.

2. Open Source Society

Buttom-up innovation. 95% of what we need for ethical evidence-based decision support can be obtained openly and cheaply and the decisions can be championed by those closest to the problems.

3. Cryptoconomy & Tokenomics

Code reinforcing, and in some cases replacing law. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique netus. Nullam tempor dolor sed nulla auctor, nec placerat felis sodales. Etiam et turpis mattis, efficitur mi ut, ultrices diam. Donec consectetur, odio eget porta varius, orci mauris viverra ante, eget egestas turpis vel orci.

4. Social Capitalism

Predatory capitalism is based on the flawed paradigm of infinite growth on a finite planet, accomplished by means of the privatization of profit and the externalization of costs to the public commons. We know there is a better way that encourages innovation for achievement of beneficial social outcomes other than growth for it’s own sake and the tireless pursuit of debt-based money.


  • Economy

  • Media

  • Commerce

  • Politics

  • Society

Successful implementation of this new model requires a New Theory of Commerce.

  • Transactions

  • Marketing

  • Organization

The lynchpins of the new economy must be developed together or predatory money interests will isolate, neuter and own them.

Creativity is an infinite resource.

Speed is the decisive advantage in this next economy. It’s lead from the front or get left behind. Theory to practice.

Providing direct support to organizations and individuals enacting the new economy.

Raising the next generation of change agents.

We are modeling our operation off the ethos of creative generalism instead of specialization and responsible agents of value instead of unchecked profiteering.

We are preparing to help rewrite the operating system for the new economy our interdisciplinary team would like to invite all thinkers and doers to join us as we embark on a voyage.


Simone Lemoniere
Executive Director, Mentor


Additional Reading

We borrow from the concepts, thinking and works of these individuals and groups:

Robert David Steele
Open Source Everything

Branden Smith
Writer, Alt-Market

Michael Trout
Founder, Foundups

The truth at any cost lowers all other costs
— Robert David Steele