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For those of you following the Federal Government's wholesale attack on the 2nd Amendment, I have the following good news. Despite the government's equivocations that none of their proposed gun-control legislation infringes on the rights of individuals, the people are wising up to their games by the multitudes.

Do all these intelligent, critically-minded people here really believe the official version of events? If you do, you have my sympathies. It must be exhausting being jerked around from one pre-arranged talking point to the next without any meaningful actions being performed on your behalf to affect real, lasting change. 

You are about to see what "equality" codeword really means to those who occupy the halls of power. Every American interested in the political and economic wellbeing of their country should should be made aware of the false belief systems being installed on the masses by media/government disinformation. This short video clearly shows the contrast between the prevailing perceptions of wealth distribution in America and the stark reality.