The Gun Control Issue Is Pretty Cut-and-Dry

Do all these intelligent, critically-minded people here really believe the official version of events? If you do, you have my sympathies. It must be exhausting being jerked around from one pre-arranged talking point to the next without any meaningful actions being performed on your behalf to affect real, lasting change. 

Don't you get tired of revisiting the same pointless wedge issues advanced by the media every year like clockwork? The real action is certainly not where your attention is being directed by the mass media in collusion with our out-of-control federal government. As was pointed out earlier on my feed, Obama shed a tear on camera for the kinders yet continues to defend the collateral killing of children by his drone army. If you're still buying what he's selling, again, my sympathies, you're being taken for a ride and some of you enjoy it that way.

The gun control issue is pretty cut-and-dry. There's right ways and there's wrong ways of going about curbing the accessibility of deadly weapons.

Where are the technology based solutions to gun control?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say all the guns used for criminal activities were fabricated by a manufacturer somewhere that has already submitted to some form of government oversight. A logical approach to gun control can start there. Just as we have safety buttons on handguns, why can't we implement:

  • Micro-ID's on Ammunition
  • Black box recorders on all firearms
  • Fingerprint-activated fire mechanisms

The cryptos can probably rattle off a couple dozen technology-based solutions that would virtually guarantee responsible gun use that doesn't involved disarming the citizenry. But they won't get any airplay because these solutions would interfere with their shady, off-the-books dealings and their ability to rouse the populace. This selective blindness is how you can discern the true intent of modern gun control propaganda.

Having an opinion does not entitle you to a result

The fact is, if you believe in abiding by a Constitution than you cannot infringe on gun ownership without amending the law of the land to reflect the new consensus surrounding the issue. If there is a national consensus to amend the Constitution and place tougher limits on gun ownership (or eliminate them altogether) then so be it. But there won't be as long as the American public is by-and-large more fearful of the government than of guns.

A quick word to the issue conflators

Obviously the right to bear arms refers to the form "arms" available at the time of the Constitution's signing. Guns existed at that time and do did blades meant to cause harm to another human being. Conflating gun control with say, "nuclear bombs" is nothing more than a semantic ploy by people with outspoken opinions levied on those who are less articulate and/or easily influenced by emotionally-charged fallacious arguments.

You want change? Quit engaging in meaningless chatter

You have to understand that talk outside the proscribed pathway to real change is just meaningless chatter. A massive time-waster meant to rile you up. Getting caught up in this puts you exactly where they want you (and at your most ineffective): a perpetual state of frustration, indignation and powerlessness regarding the political process and the salient issues of our day.

Let's talk about every issue but the central issue

Actions performed outside the proscribed pathways are traitorous and criminal, but if the traitors can engender the populace's collusion in the matter than who's left to say they were wrong to do so? If you are one of those people who do NOT believe in abiding the Constitution then the rule of law is obviously not important enough to you for you to moralize to the rest of us about taking a stand for something.

Since we're dealing with real life criminals most chatter about gun control will not be centered around amending the Constitution. Most talk will will be around faux "laws" (actually, "Federal Regulations" scrummed out by the Executive Branch with) actually designed to undermine the one thing prohibiting lawless Federal over-reach and authoritarian rule-of-law.

This issue will be productive at one thing: exposing those who have real solutions from those who merely have an opinion.