Don't get left behind when the internet moves onto it's next phase

[Meta] The Internet Is Evolving. The Question Is, Will You Evolve With It?

  • You do not want to get left behind when the internet moves onto it's next phase

  • A new phase of the internet is coming that will reshape the world as we know it.

  • Will it be the end of the world for some people? Unfortunately, yes. Many businesses will cease to remain in business as technology increasingly favors it's first adopters.

Identify/Profile: Why would this be of concern to people and organizations doing business on the web?

  • Business owners, large and small

  • independent professionals,

  • internet professionals

  • Analysts

  • All analyze the trends from different entry points.

  • They can talk endlessly and authoritatively about trends -- after they happen. But if you listen to them you will remain on the Tail-end.

  • Will you be still relevant after the end of the world

[Sympethize] But that won't happen to a select few who adopt the right mentality.

  • The internet is a big, big place and it's hard enough to get a handle on all it's unique peculiarities while trying to keep apace of the trends in your industry.

  • Those who see the forest from the trees know that no matter whi

  • Websites. Search. Platforms. Content. No Matter which phase you joined the internet era, you can pre-position yourself to step gracefully into the next.

Problem: Today, I want you to make a promise to yourself that you will never again...

  • Stop getting in on the tail-end of major new internet developments

  • The game is always changing

  • You need to get out ahead of these changes

Solution: Wouldn't you like to be aware of the macro-trends bound to affect demand for your products and services before they happen?

How would you have liked to get out in front of the Search Engine Optimization, Social Media or Content Marketing Trends before they became the dominant paradigms? Or Google, Facebook and a plethora of other web properties before they became household terms?

  • For a great many years I've been helping business leaders discern the larger patterns before you jump into a new arena half-cocked.

  • Fully capitalize on all the opportunities available to them.

  • Synthesizing trends that apply to

  • Submitting to constant learning

  • Scanning the news for every pertinent morsal

As the internet moves into it's next phase of development, will you go with it?

Benefits: I want to equip you with the critical insight, intelligence and inspiration to do just that.

  • Get a grip on the internet

  • See the forest from the trees

  • Invest your time, money and resources more intelligently

  • Stay abreast of emerging new marketing channels

  • Discover where the your bigger, better provisioned competitors are focusing their attention and why.

  • Discern why the large players do what they do?

  • We look at the meta trends driving the evolution of the internet

  • New advertising venues and formats as they become available to use.

  • New ways to "merchandise" in the global marketplace

  • How to navigate the ecosystem of platforms and protocols

  • Manage your audience life-cycle with scientific precision.

Desire: Become a better CEO

  • Be a better CEO

  • Be forearmed with the knowledge to weather any storm

  • Know where to direct your knowledge workers

What's Inside Issue #1:

  1. The Attention Economy and what it means for your business.

  2. Macro-trends for 2013 and Beyond

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