Make a Difference

Sponsor A Special Session

Special Sessions are private conversations recorded for the benefit of your fellow upstarts and allow you to share your story and unique point of view to a select audience of corporate executives and young change agents. They are co-branded and include a license for unlimited duplication to the commissioning party. Special sessions may be specified for exclusive distribution to our members, the general public or even for more specialized purposes.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Be a part of an expanding society of career management professionals and service providers who cater to elite clientele.

  • Raise your profile and reputation amongst your peers and industry heavyweights.

  • Cultivate interest in your unique philosophy or field of practice

  • Obtain a free copy of the Special Session for your own use, and distribution your networks.

  • Earn assignments for your practice that are submitted through this website.

Commissioning A Special Session

To commission a Special Session please submit your application through the form on the left. Please fill out the requested information in full and to the best of your ability.