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You are here because we met in person or somebody thought enough to hand you my card. Either way I appreciate you taking a minute out of your schedule to be here.

To say thanks, I’ve included a copy of my article “xxxxxx” at the end of this page. Please accept it, with my compliments, irregardless of whether or not we do any work together.

You're probably hear because you want to talk about marketing.

    - Problems (Email Sequence)

It's an unfortunate truism that most business owners who have a marketing problem don’t realize they have a  marketing problem.

I know how easy it is to assume you have a firm handle on the economics of your business – when you've been at it for so long.

            - They get their good ideas from their successful competitors instead of outside their industry

            - Or they get complacent and don’t recognize the cash windfalls more often than not sitting right under their noses.

            - I plead with you not to be like other business owners. Not for my sake but for yours.

        - The other grim reality is that business owners who know they have a marketing problem usually only seek help when their straights are very dire indeed.

            - As a last ditch effort (I usually can’t help)

                - If you’re being forced to close in the next few months, there’s nothing in my back of tricks I can do to help.

            - However if revenues are stale, sales are stagnant or you just want to take your business to the next level, I may be able to help.

        - To tell the truth, no matter where your business is at, it can benefit from an expert second opinion, and that’s what I want to offer you today.

    - Outcomes

        - If you’re a brick-and-mortar business who hasn’t made the transition to being online ecommerce enabled

        - If you’re well established on the web and your existing marketing function can’t keep up with the intense demands of marketing in the modern era

        - Generate more leads and sales from the web

        - Created a unique brand and differentiate your enterprise from the crowd of me-to competitors.

        - Build a legacy that will ensure the security of your family and friends

    - Objections

        - I’ve heard it all before



        - I’m a student of marketing myself and want to do it all myself

            - In that case there can be great value in getting an outside perspective and I would be happy to donate my time to hear about your project with no expectations.

    - CTA (consult, q&a)

Get a 2nd Opinion


            - How do you see online media playing a greater role in customer acquisition or retention?

                + lead generation

                + online sales

                + customer loyalty

*there’s no dumb questions and I promise to give you a well thought out answer.