Guaranteed Listings In the Google 3-Pack

Being At The Top Of Google Maps Will Bring You More More New Clients In A Week Than Any Other Source Can All Month. Period.


It Wasn't Always This Way

  • Have you tried expensive paid ads through Google Adwords?
  • Thrown a ton of money at search engine optimization to get your site ranked?
  • Do you ever get the feeling something still isn't clicking?

Something was off and their impossibly low revenues showed it.

Sound familiar?

If This Sounds Familiar, Want To Hear Something No One Else Is Talking About?

Tyler West (who by the way makes his living from doing SEO for lawyers is about to tell you something pretty controversial to his practice).

But...before he does...he asks two simple things of you:

  1. Stop buying into the hype that SEO alone is the answer to your dead as doornail phones.
  2. Switch today to the understanding that the the online world has changed dramatically.

Everything has gone mobile, and if you aren't highly placed on Google Maps, you are losing massive amounts of business to your competitors – every single day.

Tyler's Message Is Simple:

He wants you to know that as a leading attorney SEO provider for the past 9 years, he has seen exactly what works, what doesn't work and everything in between.

He's helped grow sleepy practices into powerhouses of revenue. 

But he learned along the way that the vast majority of what you spend on marketing is completely wasted.


Get in front of the people who are ready to buy.

Pay-per-click advertisements may be targeted to search engines, social media properties and even specific websites by subject matter. While most ads are in text format, modern day formats include image, video and even interactive ads. Our techniques expose your ad to the precisely the right kinds of prospects in order to maximize your response and keep waste to a minimum.

With PPC management your business can:

  • Start getting leads overnight
  • Only pay when a prospect responds
  • Adjust your budget at any time
  • Do critical market research

Performance advertising, where you only pay for a response. 

Expertly Managed

Each client account is managed by a skilled and experienced Campaign Manager who will faithfully meet targets, fine-tune your account structure, control your acquisition costs, monitor your ROI and identify new opportunities on your behalf.

campaigns for all seasons

Manage campaigns with a specific start and end dates, run seasonal promotions, launch a new product or break into new markets.

Valuable Market Intelligence

Conduct market research… and leverage the research gleaned from your PPC campaign in your other marketing initiatives.

Guaranteed ROI

We offer pay-per-click management clients the ultimate in low-risk proposition: Give us four months to turn your PPC into a money maker or you don’t keep paying.