Connecting the community of non-technical entrepreneurs in Sacramento with the knowledge, resources and training they need to bring their ideas to life.

We provide these by hosting code-free hackathons and other informal events designed to cultivate the entrepreneurial instincts and coax out the latent talents of its participants. By bringing together a wide variety of resources and mentors from across the industries, our events provide a touchstone to the community of Sacramentan's who may feel excluded from the world of technology by their current level of skill or lack of contacts. This group aims to assist you in making your idea a reality through:

  • UI/UX Training

  • Business mentorship

  • Unparalleled networking

We bring a passion for the creative process and the entrepreneurial spirit to all our events and you are sure to come away from your first one with an upgraded sense of confidence that you have what it takes to take your idea to the next level. 

Connect with Talented Industry Experts

Our events connect people who have ideas with experienced mentors and industry professionals who've been where you're at and are passionate about helping the next generation of entreprenuers succeed.

Develop your Idea into a Plan

We'll help you go from creative to credible. Tap into the deep wellspring of knowlege and leverage the skills of peers to transform your idea into a strategic plan, perfect your pitch and create a solid business case for your idea. 

Gain validation and Victory!

Put your idea to the test by competing in an all-out ‘Ideas Hackathon’ that pits your business concept up against others. Prizes may include swag, local publicity as well as preferred access to services and capital.