Domain Development Helps Realize the Full Commercial Potential of Your Underperforming Domain Names

How much will your domain portfolio be worth to you in 2014? Are you dissatisfied with your profits last year? Our team specializes in professional domain name development so you can extract the maximum value from your underdeveloped assets, quickly, to your satisfaction and on-time.

What Is Domain Development?

Think of domain development as property development for the digital medium. The idea is to develop a piece of premium real estate into a worthy destination site while minimizing the workload on the owner and maximizing the changes of success. Imagine sitting back on multiple, large-scale businesses, collecting checks while somebody else does all the grunt work. That's what developers, land owners and property holding companies do every day in the real world (the maximize profits while simultaneously minimizing the work (and risk) required to develop a piece of premium real estate into a worthy destination site).

Other Lucrative Ways to Monetize Your Undeveloped Domain Names:

More or less the most profitable model you can adopt for your undeveloped domain name is an ecommerce site. Brandfolio brings vast experience in building ecommerce websites to the table.

How We Work With Domainers

Agreements between land owner and developers can get quite cumbersome and complex, and the realm of domain development is no different. Therefore we have laid out some guidelines for how we will work with domain name owners to unlock the full commercial potential of your assets. We prefer work with domain owners and 

  • If you have an unremarkable domain name, we'll tell you. See about regular web development instead.
  • If you own a great domain name, but haven't created a business around it, we will develop it for you and give you between 10%-40% of the ongoing revenues.
  • If you already have a profitable business model associated with that domain name, we'll develop it for you according to our web development rates schedule or work out a fair percentage of the profits.
  • If the domain concept has a strong chance of supporting our existing business interests, we can work out creative agreement.

There are a couple of differences between creating a new website the development of existing domain names:

  1. Domain Name is the most valuable asset. Most valuable number in the profit equation. Typically either a one-word domain name or highly descriptive .com.
  2. Domain Is already under control.
  3. Domainer is interested in achieving the maximum output with the minimum personal input

Domain Development Business Models

Are you ready to stop relying on advertising placements to make a profit? There are a couple of options for developing your domain name or converting it over from an old or unprofitable business model.

  1. Manually negotiate your advertising partners
  2. Position your offering for high-growth industries
  3. Develop a software as a service (SaaS) application
  4. Create a marketplace-style environment and make money on every transaction
  5. Launch a technology-enabled professional service business
  6. Deploy a special interest publishing company providing information rich content

The possibilities are (virtually) limitless. You can visit our list of known web site archetypes and business models for more ideas on developing your domain.

Or to see what our experts would do, get in touch with us today.