Blogs That Build Brands

Starting a high-end corporate blog is the most reliable and cost-effective way to raise your company's profile online white x, y and z. There is no productive way to get your business online than by starting a blog, which will become the galactic center of your online universe, anchoring products, services, your newsletter and seminars, and your team

We help company's create blogs that get results. Results means achieving one or more ways of denominating blog return-on-investment.


  • no one's visiting my website
  • A web presence that does your company justice
  • Thinning Sales
  • Not getting noticed online. 
  • one-shot sales
  • Staying relevant with changing times
  • Need a competitive edge.


Big Benefits:

  • - Accelerate sales of your services
  • - Become an authority in your field
  • - Support Staff not necessary
  • 1. Become Authority In Your
  • 2. Take control over your brand
  • 3. Become a thought leader in your industry or trade


+ Blog Strategy $600 (A blog without direction is just taking up space. a lot of people have blogs. Do without a blog strategy wrong and you won't get noticed)

  • - niche research
  • - keywords research
  • - blog positioning
  • - ending in blog name and the selection of a compelling domain name.
  • - Business Model Selection

+ Content Calendar $600 (makes your site sticki_

  • - blog article ideas based on what people are searching for
  • - blog author roles
  • - We'll commission 3 free articles by top writers in your field to jumpstart your blog

+ Blog Design $600 (Many visitors judge a book by its cover and blogs are no exception.)

  • - information architecture that seizes on overlooked search engine opportunities
  • - Blog Categories & Ontology
  • - Unique, eye-catching visual layout

+ Blog Promotion

  • - Submission to Google Search Engine
  • - Addition 10 Web directories
  • - Addition to 20 blog directories
  • - Link management
  • - Link Bait

+ Blogger consulting (3 months, commenced after delivery)

  • - 4 1 hr blog review certificates
  • - help get over the mental hurdles of writing for an 
  • - staff training

We can help you with:

  • - Creating a step-by-step process to build a branding blog into your marketing efforts
  • - Harness modern technology and media to take your products and services to a global market
  • - Launch a 1-banana blog to generate leads for your client database
  • - Sharpen your business's target market and niche
  • - Cultivate your current prospects and clients with regular contact and resources
  • - Leverage keyword research and search engines
  • - How to repurpose blog content across a wide variety of media
  • - Shorten the feedback loop

We help business bloggers access their innate creativity 

Positioning: Best of All World's Marketing. Take your business global.

Who: High-end, high-margin companies

  • - Independent Service Professionals of all kinds
  • - Small - Medium sized businesses in competitive markets who need a leg up
  • - Large companies in industries predisposed to controversy
  • - Non-Profits building rapport with their membership
  • - Independent Publishers 

Stands most to gain from a blog:

Offer: $2400 till March (Normally $5,500)

SAVINGS: Save $300 of the professional fee if you let us



High-profile corporate blog your company will regard as an asset to your brand and an indispensable piece of your online marketing campaign. If your blog doesn't perform on it's intended metrics, OR pay for itself in the first 6 months, we'll hold your hand until it does. We're with you all the way to the finish line.

The Fine Print

  • In case nobody's told you, It takes about 3 months to begin seeing quantifiable results from a blog. Sometimes more or less depending on the strategic nature of the blog and the dynamics of your market.
  • It takes about 6 months for a blog to pay for itself. Same disclaimer about differences in market dynamics.
  • We do not manage blogs for companies. We do partner with companies on a case-by-case basis.

Portfolio Clients:

  • - Cool Conference Live
  • - Wine Menu
  • - Body Institute
  • - Kind Coffee Co.
  • - Nead Photography


(5 Blog Monetization Archetypes)

( Online Revenue Engine)



  • - not sure what blogging can do for me (Not sure what blogging can do for you?)
  • - Getting over the mental hurdles of writing for a world-wide audience (being a first-time blogger)


  • - Attract free search engine traffic
  • - Soft sell and build a relationship with your audience
  • - Return traffic, sticky website


  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • No technical education needed
  • At-A-Glance Site Stats
  • As many authors as you want (Great for group blogs)

What to look for in a blog:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Brand-reinforcing design
  • Integration with social media and existing online assets

We help company's create blogs that get results. Results means achieving one or more ways of denominating blog return-on-investment.