Genesis of A Virtual Assistant Staffing Agency

The idea for creating an agency of web business assistants came about because of my own struggles with getting organized. Even as the go-to guy for web based companies requiring fresh approaches to growing their businesses, certain reduntant activities held me back from making the most of my position. I was quickly becoming bogged down by them.

I entertained the possibility of hiring an assistant for a while. I think we all have. But like most small businesses and independant professionals I couldn't realistically afford paying $60,000+ per year in combined salary, benefits and overhead for the luxury. That was out of the question. So I went out in search of more affordable solutions.

My work as an internet marketing consultant has exposed me to countless time-saving tools and resources which, without them, I wouldn't be half as effective and productive as I am today. I literally believe the next generation of knowledge workers will live or die by their ability to stay abreast of the latest online trends and technologies...

There are companies that offer transcription services. Until now I was transcribing all the notes from my voice recorder myself. There's high priced CRM software on the market that supposedly makes managing customer relationships simpler. That would have been an indulgence for me. There's online services for project management, time-tracking, customer relationship building and more. Yet, in light of all these productivity tools, technology only creates so much time for you.

On the other hand, while technology supplied lubricant for client relationships, shortening decision-cycles as well as the distance between collaborators, technology provides no replacement for actual production time.

Virtual assistants and the emerging role of teleworkers in the global economy

Upon closer consideration I realized I only really needed to free up 10-20 hours per month of work to make a significant impact on my personal productivity.

Frustrated by having more tasks to do than hours in the day to do them in, I went in search of a solution.

Somewhere in my search to find dependable personnel to out-task a variety of activities to I got exposed to the concept of hiring virtual assistants. There were a couple of things that stood out to me abotu this groundbreaking new profession.

What stood out the most to me about this innovative new The rest as they say is history, but let me give your a little more background on that.

In the spirit of transparency our parent company, Glasshouse Marketing, was founded on I will be chronicling the growth of our virtual assistant staffing agency on this blog.

Web Business Assistants is a virtual assistant staffing agency based out of Sacramento, CA, and serving small business owners internationally. I can't wait to help you x.

Clients are most likely to hire virtual assistants to save money—virtual assistants pay for their own equipment, taxes, training, healthcare and insurance—or because they need help with a temporary project. Industries most often hiring virtual assistants include the real estate, coaching, financial services, accounting and legal.

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  • "Virtual Assistant Job Opportunities" are virtually limitless. A "virtual assistant can simply start by identifying a target market" and offering to take over some of their redundant administrative work. Their rates are enticing. Many clients will immediately see the "cost savings compared to hiring a full-time assistant". Plus we all love the idea of having someone to cover for us whenever we need it.
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Tyler West