Telling Graph of United States Budget and Gross National Priorities

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to tell at-a-glance how your taxpayer dollars are spent? I'd venture a guess that most Americans are unaware of just how much of our taxes are funneled into the military. A man after my own heart, Jesse Bachman spent close to a year in scouring official documents to get the facts where the American government spends our taxes. 

With the help of a graphic designer friend, Jesse produced this incredibly detailed graph you see below:


I can think of no clearer declaration of national priorities than how a country spends it's budget. His extensive researching and number crunching has paid off in the form of this easy to read graph depicting how the Federal government allocates taxpayer dollars between it's various agencies. Jesse created it in the hopes that a visual will make people think and ask questions.

How our governement spends taxpayer dollars should be a concern for everyone these days. Why do we spend more on military jets than we do on public housing? Why is the Endowment for the Arts so small? What's with all this foreign military financing? Does all that military hardware really guarantee our security? And at what cost to education, science and human development?

I hope these are just some of questions going through your mind as you take a closer look at the graph.

Jesse collected the stats and figures  for his graph, available to purchase in poster form, from the Office of Management and Budget ( with supplementary military data from the department of Defense ( and the Center for Defense Information (

All proportions are accurate. For the purpose of this chart, the Dept. of Defense is visually separated on the left side of the poster for contrast. The total budget is divided into military and non-military spending, with military dominating the left side of graph.

Ty West