Robotic Marketing

So I was cruisin' the information superhighway, seein' the same nondescript ol' sites, lookin' for purple cows and not findin' em, when I finally decided to pay a visit to my man Seth Godin. He operates a little "butcher shop" on the net, where he cuts through the fat about marketing, right down to the juicy bits, and I like to go there when I'm dry for inspiration.

So I go to the home of the old purple cow himself, and I read his last update for the fifth time in a row, and I run the compulsory product check to make certain he didn't release any new books while I was sleeping -- or rather not sleeping -- and then proceed to his About Me page where I am struck by what I find.

Much to my horror, I had caught the purple cow in the act of commiting a major publicity faux pas for unorthodox marketers.

His about page employs the same 3rd person format, the same sterile tone, used by boring people across the net. It's all very robotic. I guess I'm a little guilty of that at times. But he's important. He's written books. And he's one of the staunchest advocates of unusual marketing practices around.

So I emailed the elusive purple cow, on the off chance I could reach him where the sun smiles broadly, imploring him to walk the road less travelled by big-shot professionals, that we might catch a glimpse of his personality whilst navigating the synaptic trails of his mind.

So, today I feel very priveleged. I feel priveleged because Seth Godin responded to MY email. Yes, Seth Godin talked to Me. And it is confirmed: Seth Godin is a Robot. He told me so.

Yikes that's awesome. Who could you be making contact with that you havn't yet?

Oh yeah, and my point: Your About page shouldn't read like a product description.