Renewed Motivation

Still bummed that my plans to move back to Granite Bay from South Sac didn't pan out. It'll be a boon to my focus though, and the desire to be back with Tyler, my family, and friends will fuel me in my business activities, which I'm steadily growing an aptitute for juggling.

I made my first extremely profitable appearance today as a representative for a political group which collects signatures for petitions to go on the CA voter ballot!  In otherwords, I'm one of those much maligned and largely ignored storefront soliciters who wastes people's extremely valuable time in the name of participatory democracy.

We'll, I'm sorry if your timetables buckle under the pressure of social responsibility!

But I'm even sorrier that you defer all decisionmaking to the politicians.

I see when it comes to making decisions, to doing their part, people are just plain avoidant.

But at least I can be comfortable knowing I did mine. And made $136 doing it. Pretty good returns on a two hour investment of time.

For just two hours I harvested signatures from registered voters and helped people who weren't registered yet fill out the necessary forms. Chief among the second group were acne-laden, mascara enhanced young people bearing multiple piercings and different-colored-hair who were irresistably drawn by the bowl of free peppermints I had set out in plain view. And like so many flies to spoilt food they gathered 'round.

I'd love to believe the more human aspects of my presentation had something to do with my appeal, but I have no illusions about the reality of feigned interest when you have something they want. Sweet things, gratifying to consume, pleasant to digest, are persuasive like no quirk in personality or ability in showmanship can ever hope to be.

All these lessons and those that follow aid me in perfecting my argument for democracy--participation, citizenship, responsibility. These lessons I will absorb and over time internalize until they become fundamental to my perceptions. I just hope that the end result is that I develop a more compelling case; that it doesn't engender a festering cynicism toward humanity. But a guess being aware of the pitfalls of knowlege gained is my first step toward avoiding them.

This is a really satisfying short-term direction for me.

Tomorrow I will do even better.

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