Coming To Get You, Again!

I don't know what my fixation with aliens is lately, but I had another dream about them last night. Another dream involving a large-scale alien incursion. This dream wasn't a continuation of the last, so the aliens in this one are unlike those I had described in my other dream. They weren't in the same surreptitious stage of their offensive other. My latest dream begins in the midst of their all-out atttack.

I remember gazing up into the night sky, observing two fighter jets, barely detectable against the stars, playing tag-team with two airborne alien organisms, which appeared to be dragons from my vantage on the ground. They spat fireballs at their human adversaries, which returned with volleys of tracer rounds and missiles. It all faintly suggested some reenactment out of a primitive computer game against the pitch black backdrop of the sky.

I witnessed this exchange for what seemed like five or 10 minutes in dream-time, but what must have in reality been 10 or 20 seconds. Then the scene changes to the bombed-out residences of some city, right out of a WW documentary, except for the panicked crieds of people and the sounds of vehicle engines in the background.

Although I remember engaging in a lot of them, the dialogues themselves are forgetten to me. I can't recall their exact content, but I can recall the prominant images and feelings that accompanied them.

The dialogues were frantic and clipped. It was urgent that we evacuate the city. I remember thinking how unreliable my car is; being uncertain about the lengths to which I could push it down the highway. I also remember suspecting I would die, and that my companions would as well.

I remember the two fighter jets from the opening stages of my dream finally shooting down one of the "dragons". I remember watching as its exposed, incinerated flesh trailed off in embers as it plummetted towards the earth, and me being on the road near the place where it crashed belly-up.

It didn't resemble a dragon on the ground as it had in the air. The alien instead appeared to be a giant crab. It's shell was unmarred and intact. It immediately righted inself upon crashing, and scuttled over and up into the interior of an alien ship that had decended to save it.

And I don't remember much else. Just waking up, bemused.

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