What Shape Are You?

Every up-and-coming designer ought to know the hidden rationale behind the most successful logo designs ever concieved.

All the top designers know what it is, and get paid top dollar to create logos which channel it's power. Do you know what it is? Give me a moment of your time and you will.

For untold millenia societies have tapped into it's power to express. It has been behind the some of the most persistant thought forms to ever shape in the human imagination. It became geometry in the instruments and artifacts of civilization. It has assumed structure & dimension in the territories of civilization's conquest. It was conspicuous on merchants' seals and families' crests; on soldiers' uniforms and armies' standards.

All levels of society are affected by it. Not as much yesterday as today, or will be tomorrow.

It is the power of symbolism and myth, expressed in the language of icons and shapes.

As the institutions from ages past marked their work with symbols, so do the institutions of today.

Adidas, Starbucks; The Pyramid, the Circle. Taken to an almost rediculous extreme H&R Block has captured the power of the Green Square.

The ascendant and distinguished figures of our time have appropriated the Star as their own. Our civil servants have the Shield, which symbolizes their eternal custodianship and protection over us. Our Flags are symbols of pride, tradition, fidelity.

Learn to recognize the shapes that define a thing's essence. Cultivate an awareness that seeks out the underlaying nature in every popular icon. They tell volumes about whomever, or whatever, they stand for. And You will see they do not deviate much from the basic geometric shapes that are fundamental to our progress as a civilized species. So apply structure to your logos -- in the format of shapes. Choose meaningful icons to inscribe them with.

The Triangle, the Circle, the Square; The Prism, the Sphere, the Box. The Star and the Shield. The Banner and Flag. What is the shape that shall define the company you keep? What shape are you?

Don't underestimate their simplicity. For that is their timeless virtue.

Art & Science DailyTy West