Time to Mow the Lawn

Not much but a sore bottom to characterize the passage of the past few days. Now give me a chance to explain before you run off proclaiming your misguided conclusions about my Valentines Day! Which was spectacular by the way, but we'll come back to that in a minute.

You see, my ass is sore because it's been compressed on a chair for the past few days! Any of you who saw the site in its opening sequences of design blasphemy know that I have taken great lengths to improve the site's overall visual appeal and usability, in light of the somewhat limited control features propounded as extensive by Squarespace. Anyhow, it's all the same. Blogwares are famously consistent in at least one respect: the extend to which they give credit to their own reengineering of the same old tool.

It's like McDonald's coming out with a Tastier Burger. Or internet marketers coming out with a Superior Information Product. Or subscribing to the latest new-fangled protein diet. Or preferring the manner and make of X Brand designwear, when all the brands originate from the same plant anyway.

And these are not mistruths fabricated spur of the moment to back up my temporary bout of cynicism. McDonald's and its big-burger rivals really do regularly try to introduce a "tastier" burger into the clamoring public. And we're lucky if they try to do it less than 5 times a year.

Internet marketers really do believe they can sell information-rehashings at a premium every ten days, when the odds are their anxious customers are recieving at least 10 more promotions for the same information repackaged into umpteen other products from umpteen other marketers every day until.

Everyone's selling the same old health and wellness answers, branded with their own unique removable cover. But strip away that cover and try to take a closer look at the meat of the presentation -- and all you'll see is the same barebones advice that every other dietition with a Ph.d from ebay constructs their brand around.

And our designer wear, well, yes they share and liscence out to eachothers' manufacturing plants all the time. Especially when their connections live in China.

Ok...the rant was unwarranted. More an excercise in self-admiration. Linguistic practice. A case of casual, well-meaning metaphor gone terribly awry!

But those are no lies. I wish they were, cause then I could be making a killing on avid business-opportunity-website lurkers.

Seriously though there comes a point in the life of a market when its once-flagship product has become a benchmark. Marginalized and then submarginalized until no defining feature can bare to look at its own reflection on the display case siding...

That's when the market is ripe for innovation. That's when business begins to fall apart due to outmoded marketing techniques and dated operational configurations. That's when someone needs to come in to sink the boat after it's already been rocked to clear the way for a new flagship idea.

And that's exactly what I'll do.

It's time to mow the lawn; the grass has grown too long. Mowing the grass.

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