How to Sell Yourself to Your Future Employer

How to Sell Yourself to Your Future Employer

The biggest reason generic resumes aren't effective is that every company is in the market for a different version of you. Ultimately the "you" that Company A wants to buy is different from the you that Company B is in the market for. This truth is essential to an understanding of why generic resumes don’t work. Resumes, as well as the individual themselves, must be tailor-made for the unique role they will assume.

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Anatomy of a Lead-generation Device

This blog is intended to be a mini-case study in the thinking that goes behind crafting an effective lead-generation device for your business. I've finally come around to implementing my own advice in my practice. Even though I do this all the time for clients, I thought this process would be useful to others who are trying to develop a lead-generation device to use in their business. 

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Six Ways to Get Left Behind In 2016

So you want to get left behind in 2016, huh? Winning and leading from the front takes too much energy. I can understand if you need this year to catch your breath. For those of you who need to stop to smell the roses, here are some things to avoid in this new year, so you can do just that.

1. Not embracing multiple content forms.

To blog or not to blog, that is no longer the question. 2016, I predict, will be the year that podcasting goes mainstream – as in, your mom and dad will want to do it. Companies who don't embrace video will fade into the background and one's who do will enjoy a decisive, albiet momentary advantage in lead generating rankings and revisits. Additionally, new tools will empower the "creatively disinclined" to divorce their Creative Cloud Counterparts do it themselves. The total commodification of design is nearly complete.

2. Shunning social media advertising.

Make no mistake, we're still in the gold-rush period of Social Media Advertising. Social media advertising, particularly on Facebook, is at the point in its progression where all of the juicy niches haven't been scoped out yet. There's still ample unexplored opportunity out there and the expert prospectors are already staking claims on their territory. 

3. Too much focus on CPA...

... and not enough focus on revenue and profits. As the global economy continues to worsen, peoples' natural inclination is to tighten their budgets and spend less on marketing. I'm biased, but this is a serious mistake and I'll tell you why: When industries cut costs companies increasingly do battle on the clearly-marked boundaries of that marketplace: Features, price and overhead. Why is this a losing proposition? Because all players operating in that space concede their unique advantages and revert to duking it out with the weapons that they have in common.

4. Under-leveraging content by ignoring distribution and promotion. 

Doing so is tantamount to having a child and never exposing it to the outside world. Content is no longer the products of its' authors, but of its' audiences. If you're already producing content then you need to give it extra love and attention in 2016 by introducing it to a variety of audiences and contexts.

5. Not automating at least some of your marketing.

Companies with a winning mindset will continue looking for ways to get the work of 10 men for the price of one. For the rest, it will be an uphill battle to steal incremental mindshare and market share from better entrenched, better provisioned competitors who have mastered the basic economics of their businesses.

6. Being a brand wallflower.

Nowadays attention is the most valuable asset. If you don't know how to get it, then sooner or later you'll have to be willing to pay for it. Everybody else is. In the new economy everything, including attention, will be monetized.

Four Ethical Ways to Guarantee a Followup Response

We've all been there. You spend what seems like an eternity problem-solving for a prospective customer or client, then... radio silence. Over time, I've developed five ways to help guarantee a followup response and bring the deal to a close so, here they are.

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Why Small Businesses Are Progressively Outsourcing Their Marketing Function

Modern organizations lack confidence in their internal marketing teams. By the same token, CMO's complain that they do not have the people, tools or resources necessary to meet their marketing objectives. Who's right? And is there another way to provision your marketing resource?

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Five Essential Qualities of a Virtual Assistant

Before you "hire" a virtual assistant use this as a litmus test to make sure they are the right person to hire. Skills are no doubt important but what you need is a little something extra. Outlined below are not just things to look for in your virtual assistant, but features to your working relationship that you will discover to be mandatory.

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Why Small Business Owners and Virtual Assistants Need Each Other

It was one of those rare occasions where someone acts on your good advice. Several years ago a friend and colleague of mine was transitioning out of her full-time job to build a new life, out of state. Eschewing corporate hierarchies as I do, while trying to remain sensitive to her need for stable work, I made that best suggestion I could. I told her she could put herself in business right away by marketing herself as a "Virtual assistant" to her existing network instead of waiting in line like everybody else to land full-time employment.

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The Domain Expert's No-Nonsense Link Acquisition Guide

Dear webmasters, web developers and search engine optimization experts. These link building strategies will strike you as unorthodox at first, but you'll soon discover that their logic transcends mere link-building and pays homage back to a profession we all know and love: the "web developer."

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The Bloggers Guide to Courting A Long-Term Readership

Most of us don't go around looking at our customers, our audience members, our blog readers as potential girlfriends or boyfriends. But what if we did? Knowing whats at the end of the tunnel, how much further would you go to forge lasting bonds? Wouldn’t you do everything you could to take your audience "off the market" forever?

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